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We have been in Existence for about 63 years


  Well Ventilated Classrooms -

The classrooms in the school are well ventilated, well lit, and spacious With an objective of cognitive development of each child, with individual attention, the number of students per class is maintained at not more than 40.

  Library -

We believe education is not confined within textbooks only----the school has a well stocked library. A library is an essential instrument of developing desirable study habits in students. Students are encouraged to read books in storytelling and library classes. We are trying to make the school library as the number one resource.It promotes individual and group learning, helps in developing students’ vocabulary, enhancing comprehension, developing the habit of silent reading and developing problem-solving attitude among students.

  Smart Classes -

Our school has a facility of digital/Smart Classes. The presence of smart boards helps teachers to deliver lectures more effectively by using the different projections in their presentation to explain the topic. Teachers explains each and every part of the lesson with some special effects and graphic presentations.Our classrooms are equipped with smart class connection, display barrels etc. The teachers teach the students with PowerPoint presentations and animated videos.The student is able to learn and grasp with the visual aid, it stays in their mind more prominently. The audio-visual method incorporates knowledge among students in a very effective way.

  Assembly -

"Each morning we are born again, What we do today is what matters the most.."
School assemblies serve as powerful motivators for the entire school. The beginning of a school day can become chaotic and this is where our morning assembly serve an important purpose. By assembling students and teachers in one space before the start of the school day, morning assembly is a powerful way to instil discipline and also to set a joyful and focused tone for the day. We convey a lot of information including assigning duties to the monitors and prefects and also utilize the assembly to talk about topics such as cleanliness and good manners which need to be reinforced everyday.

These well planned assemblies contribute greatly to the community culture of our school and pass on positive values. They provide a foundation of understanding for the community, in which students can understand their responsibilities towards their school and society. By being in assembly together, it immediately becomes something that everyone shares and identifies with, fostering greater solidarity.

  Lower Kindergarten -

Lower kindergarten (LKG) section is designed in a way so that the kids find utmost comfort and joy while learning at the same time. There is a play area attached to the LKG room to provide development of health and cognitive development of our little buds.

  Infirmary -

Hygiene and safety of all students, especially keeping in mind the youngest of the lot, is of great importance to us. The school has an infirmary to provide a resting zone of any child who feels sick during the school hours. For the child’s safety, an immediate information of the same is conveyed to the parents.

  Computer Education -

Knowledge of computers in this age is indispensable so the school has a separate Computer Department. Computer Education is a must for all students. The school has a computer lab with 1:2 ratio to enable each student to learn computer in school.

  Art and Craft Classes -

The little minds with their little hands get ample scope to create art and fill their imaginations with colours. Apart from regular drawing classes, the school also organizes Art Workshops where students get a platform for their creativity.

  Moral Science and Public Speaking Classes -

In moral science and public speaking classes, students are imbibed with moral values, essential life skills and are trained to put their voices for social awareness.

  Co-curricular Activities -

Every activity in school life plays a significant role in development of students. All students are encouraged to take part in various events .Regular Inter House competitions are conducted in the school .Co-curricular are designed and balanced with academic curriculum so that every student gets to learn beyond subjects. Art and craft, creative writing competition, debates, reading, group discussions,recitation, extempore are conducted for an overall grooming the personality of our students. It is mandatory that every student participates in these activities.

  Extra Classes -

• Extra classes are conducted which help the students to excel. These are helpful for students who can attend them. In this school one can take extra classes with no extra fees. It helps students to increase their knowledge and to grasp it in school. Usually there are more examples and problems solved in such classes as compared to the normal class hours at school. This way the students remember the concepts better.

• Provision for safe and purified water and clean washrooms are present in school.

  Auditoriums -

The school has well equipped auditoriums:
1) Godavari Hall: A well equipped hall with a seating capacity of 400 people. Around the year, different activities take place here where talents get an opportunity to be showcased on stage.

2) Sarda Sabhaghar: Located in Building-1, it is an air-conditioned large hall. Different functions, workshops and exhibitions are organized here.

  Playgrounds -

The school has two well designed playgrounds. Yoga, Sports and games have been an integral part of education as they not only refresh our mind and bodies but also activate and boost them up. Keeping that in mind, the school provides. Indoor as well as outdoor games facilities:
• Building 1: Basketball Ground
• Between Building 1 and 2: Net practice for cricket, badminton.
The school also provides training of NCC and Scouts and Guides.

  School Picnic -

Every year, to make the ending of the academic year fun-filled and joyous, all students with their respective teachers head out for picnics at exotic outdoor locations for a day filled with fun, laughter and food!

Gyan Bharati has been in function since 1959. We have been shaping the lives of young children and making good individuals out of each and every one of them. They come to us in the form of tiny caterpillars, and leave the nest as responsible and resourceful butterflies of the society.

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